Live Streaming & Live Production Course

Welcome to the Zebra Zone Live Video course ! Whether you are just considering starting out a professional livestreaming business, or whether you have already stretched your original video production company to live video, you will probably like this course ! It will offer insights on real world experience on professional live streaming, with high quality and modern interactive content.

Stay tuned !

The course isn't ready yet, but you can stay tuned for updates !

FAQ — Which

video editing software ?
  • Is this course for me ? 

    If you are considering boosting your live streaming and live video production skills, with a professional goal, then yes this course is for you ! If you just would like to improve your live streamings as a creator, it is probably less suited for you, check out my Youtube video !

  • When is it going to be available ? 

    Building a high quality course requires lots of time and efforts, so I won't be releasing a course until it fits my quality expectations. Also, I also need to evaluate how many of you are interested to help me decide to what extent I will bring that course (simple course vs create subcourses, a community etc..) Therefore, it is hard to give a precise date but this way you can be sure it will be a quality course :)

  • How much will it cost ? 

    To be announced.