Who's behind Zebra Zone ?

I'm Thibaud, a passionate filmmaker ever since the age of 9. I like to invent, imagine by mixing technical & artistic skills : design considerations always stays at the core of what I do. I enjoy hanging around with people who have a taste for impossible things & novelty.

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FAQ — What's your

lighting setup like
  • Why the sailor shirt ?!

    On prosumer / professional cameras, you can activate an indicator that shows zebra stripes on the overexposed parts of the image. This is where the name and uniform both come from. Nothing to do with sailing although I hope making a sailing video !

  • Which camera / lenses do you use for your videos ?

    Mostly Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro & Pocket 4K. Sigma Art lenses + a couple of Olympus Pros.  But what's most important is the lighting setup. 

  • How do you light your videos ? 

    A big Aputure COB120D led source using a softbox, Boltzen 55W fresnel lenses, RGB strips and a hazer, which is very useful for isolating the subject even more.

  • Where are you from ?

    Paris area, in France.