If you’re a regular Ursa Mini or Pocket 4K / 6K user, you might have experienced times when you just want to control your camera remotely in a very simple way. Unfortunately since these cameras are mostly controlled using Bluetooth there aren’t that many existing solutions out there.

This is why we came up with this idea of a very little wireless remote that would offer a good control over the camera . It has three customizable buttons and a rotary knob than you can use for iris, iso, white balance or focus control. It can be powered by 5V usb and if you have a Ronin-S you can just power it with the DJI CAN cable. The remote can be configured extensively using the app which is on iOS for now.  And it is compatible with the URSA Mini Pro G1 / G2 and Pocket 4K and 6K. We’ve done our best to make it very very small and lightweight so you can mount it many different ways. 

The prototype works very well, and I use it myself.  It is production ready so we could start a bigger production anytime soon if there is a demand for it. This is why I made this video. So if you’re interested, I’ve put a link in the below  with the website where you can just drop your email so that we can let you know of future updates. Also, let me know what you think of it in the comments !

More info

Check out the litty website ! zebrazone.tv/litty